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Products and Equipment

AUSTAR UK manufacture a range of equipment to suit either product or operator protection. All equipment is designed, built and tested in our facility in Huddersfield, UK. ​ Our portfolio includes, but not limited to: Downflow Booths Aseptic and Containment Isolators Sterility Testing Isolators Cell Therapy Isolators ​ All are customised to suit your application and your process.  Scroll down for information on select technologies, alternatively contact us to discuss your specific needs.



A Downflow Booth is a specialised containment system designed to protect workers from airborne particulates and contaminants during handling operations such as weighing, dispensing, and sampling. Using a vertical laminar airflow, it drives airborne particles downwards and away from the operator, ensuring a safe breathing zone and minimizing the risk of product contamination. 


If you're interested in incorporating this containment solution into your operations, explore our product page for detailed specifications and features.


Aseptic Isolators are a cutting-edge containment solution primarily designed for sterile environments where protection from microbial contamination is paramount. Aseptic Isolators ensure that processes occurring inside remain entirely free from external contaminants. Through advanced HEPA filtration and precise airflow dynamics, aseptic isolators maintain a highly sterile internal environment, enabling tasks such as drug formulation, sterile compounding, and tissue culturing to be conducted with utmost integrity. 

Internal aseptic isolator.jpg
Internal isolator.jpg


Containment Isolators are a state-of-the-art barrier system designed to provide the highest level of protection for both the operator and the product during critical processes. By creating a hermetically sealed environment, it prevents any cross-contamination between the external environment and the enclosed workspace, ensuring utmost purity and safety. With sophisticated airflow systems and integrated glove ports, operators can manipulate hazardous or sterile products with precision, without any direct exposure.

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